Our Concept

Our Concept

Even if you’re not sure what’s the right way – it’s better to keep going. If you retain the ability to learn from travel, you can’t lose your way, since every turn and obstacle is a chance for development.
GoConcept – Walk your own path!

At GoConcept, we focus on learning by walking the road.
We offer customized trainings to organizations in which everyone can experience continuous progress, learning, and development.

We employ both outdoor and indoor training elements. We support organizational change through self-awareness, group coaching methods, and an organizational coaching process.

We offer training and coaching to individuals, groups, and organizations who consider development and continuous change an integral part of their lives.

GoConcept – Walk your own path!


We believe that

  • every organization is constantly changing,
  • change can be understood and loved,
  • staff who understand and accept change are more supportive of, and even drive development.

For these reasons, we support ongoing, long-term cooperation.


  • Each of our trainings is flexibly adapted to the team’s needs
  • Through interviews, we understand the client’s background and organizational attitudes
  • We give feedback on progress
  • We make proposals for further development
  • When possible, we accompany changes with organizational coaching tools

Fields of Expertise

Organizational Development

  • Cooperation development (indoor, outdoor)
  • Lean management tools
  • Action Learning
  • Cultural sensitizing / Intercultural learning
  • Developing social sensitivity

Personal Efficiency Development

  • Communication (assertiveness, persuasive communication, media communication)
  • Time management
  • Leadership skills (leadership functions, situational leadership skills)
  • Conflict, stress, change management
  • Paradigm shift
  • PersoType Program (personality typing systems to improve cooperation)

Incentive Programs, Events

  • Organizing and executing large events and incentive programs
  • Company outings
  • Christmas galas
  • Cost-effective, simple events
  • Luxury events
  • Unusual locations
  • Impeccable catering


Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching

To support and shape changes affecting the entire organization

This is a new, dialogue-based approach which reshapes the thinking of those working in an organization.

Which topics are red flags showing a need for organizational coaching? Negative processes which seem difficult to change such as workforce fluctuation, intergenerational conflicts, toxic communication, a low level of loyalty.

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Supervision-based Coaching

Supervision-based Coaching

The most effective form of personal development for a professional setting

Supervision-based business coaching is the training of the professional persona. Its aim is to make professional work more efficient. Topics may focus on individual leadership skills development, organizational changes, and conflict management.

With the help of supervision, we can find the root of each mental block and personal challenge. If we resolve them through discussion, it leads to the path of action. Coaching, in turn, helps to place solutions and accompanying actions on the right track.

Through supervisory coaching, we develop those skills, behaviors, responses, and approaches which are important to practicing your profession and maintaining the necessary state of mind.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

A goal- and solution-oriented process which mobilizes strengths and development potential

It helps you overcome mental blocks, attain goals, live up to change, and to keep a clear view of your own situation, your own functioning.

Life coaching is designed to mobilize your personal resources in any area of life to find your own path. Life coaching can help you with the following:

  • Situations of decision
  • Eliminating everyday chaos
  • Managing time-management challenges
  • Family-management
  • Self-confidence
  • Mother / father roles
  • Solving difficult communication situations

Whatever you feel stuck with and want to do something about.


Our dream has been to create a special location which is specifically designed for trainings; spacious community spaces, cosy nooks for deep conversations, easy access to the forest, and an enticing environment to recharge with all the tools needed for effective indoor & outdoor trainings with up to 14-16 people.

Since we didn’t find anything like this, we built it ourselves!

Quality, built with love.

Expected opening in 2020, Felsőörs.

About Us

We, the GoConcept team, are proud that

  • our passion is work and development
  • we offer customized events and novelties
  • we are capable of renewal
  • we are the first on the market for organizational coaching, and with a dialogue-based organization-development approach
  • we continue to train ourselves
  • we face each new task with a creative approach
  • we feel comfortable in our skin – and love to help our clients do the same
Ferenc Tüske

Ferenc Tüske

Senior Trainer

Ferenc is a nationally known radio talk-show host, and almost every week someone recognizes his voice while he does his shopping. He is loved for being a passionate listener who’s able to engage any guest in a deep, personal dialogue. He has focused his attention to learning about and helping people through training for the past 15 years.

“I believe the strongest link between two humans is dialogue. The success of our collaboration depends on many variables; how much they know what they want, how much they feel the other side has a part in this, how much they can show their own side as well as get to know the other’s perspective, and finally, how much they are dedicated to understanding and having others understand. I believe that with dedicated work and the conscious use of the principles above we can work better both together and separately as well.”

Csilla Fodor

Csilla Fodor

Trainer, Coach

Before becoming a freelance trainer, Csilla has worked for an international NGO coordinating, training, and motivating hundreds of volunteers. No matter what kind of team she works with – whether it’s a team of soldiers or creatives at an international film company – she creates a feeling of safety. This allows her trainees to feel what they honestly feel and be truly liberated to take the next step.

“I believe that the road to personal authenticity leads through solid self-knowledge. I’m thrilled to be a parter in this process as a coach or a trainer.
Every development process starts from individual change, for which I guarantee a safe, accepting atmosphere, since to change – or to make something change – you need to be in a state of full acceptance. So I respect the human in each participant as well as the current state of their journey.”

Balázs Nagy

Balázs Nagy


Balázs is a trained psychologist and theatre teacher who has been a script-writer for nationally-known TV shows. He is known for his sharp, highly entertaining sense of humor.

“My experience in psychology, my years as a writer in the advertising industry, as well as my four years of film theory have gained new meaning for me through digital storytelling. The philosophy of global education has had a significant influence on my thinking; I have many unforgettable memories through my career in digital storytelling. As a trainer, my goal is to provide participants with a similarly unforgettable experience. It’s my greatest pleasure if this is successful.”

Lili Popper

Lili Popper

Presentation Designer, Trainer

In addition to doing trainings, Lili is working as a freelance graphic designer, and is experienced in graphic facilitation. She has lived in 5 countries, is very open-minded about various cultures, and loves to play the ukulele and sing – especially at campfires.

“I’ve been working with non-formal educational methods ever since I was sixteen. I gained experience in storytelling and presentation techniques during my years as a presentation designer and trainer at Prezi (a top startup with 75 million users and a progressive culture). I enjoy optimizing processes and communication to their fullest. As a trainer I aim to share these skills in a playful, informal way.”

Artúr Kátai

Artúr Kátai

Media Communication Expert

Artúr has a positive, attentive personality and a great sense of humor. In his spare time, he plays guitar in a punk band and makes recordings at his home studio.

“More than 20 years in the world of media and advertising has taught me that accurate communication is vital. I keep this in mind during trainings as well as what I’ve learned as a long-distance runner; in order to win anything, first you must defeat yourself. Makes me sound like I’m a mix of Paulo Coelho and Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? Actually, I’m not. Arnold, for example, doesn’t have a cool punk band. I do.”

Judit Trencsényi

Judit Trencsényi

Trainer, Mediator

Judit is comfortable working with various organization levels for both NGOs and for-profits, and is experienced at graphic facilitation. As a mother, Judit has seen all the joys and adventures of watching her little boy growing up; she is also a fan of yoga, crossfit, and gardening.

“In my trainer development work, the encounter, the challenge, as well as the novelty of the experience inspires me – each and every time. In the course of training we learn from each other, with each person investing themselves into the “here and now”. What I can provide in every case is my openness, empathy, flexibility, over 15 years of training & organizational development knowledge, my experiences, lessons as well as my curiosity.”



'Aha' experiences


unique events


hours of deep dialogue


notebooks completely filled

Our Strengths

Personalized creativity

Mindful attention

Passionate professionalism

Kaleidoscope of experiences

Active shadowing

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